Anya's Studio Blog

  • Half marathon inspiration...

    You may be looking at the cover image and be wondering what a painting of Candice Brathwaite has got to do with running a half marathon. Well let me explain...
  • Creating a Portrait in Water Mixable Oils

    I’d like to show you my process of how I built up a portrait painting, in just a few hours, using water mixable oil paints, including photo tons throughout the process.
  • Painting my first self portrait

    As an artist who usually paints pet portraits, I decided to turn my hand instead to human portraiture. Read on to see how I started off with trying to paint colourful self portraits in both watercolours and acrylic paints and how massively the portraits differ.
  • Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose

    In my attempt to become better at portraiture during lockdown, I worked on some important facial features in different mediums.
  • Approaching Portraiture in Lockdown

    Whilst the country went into lockdown, lots of people saw it as the perfect chance to learn something new. I decided it was a great opportunity to challenge myself to get better at portraiture. Here's how I started...