Anya's Studio Blog

  • Creating a Portrait in Water Mixable Oils

    I’d like to show you my process of how I built up a portrait painting, in just a few hours, using water mixable oil paints, including photo tons throughout the process.
  • Painting my first self portrait

    As an artist who usually paints pet portraits, I decided to turn my hand instead to human portraiture. Read on to see how I started off with trying to paint colourful self portraits in both watercolours and acrylic paints and how massively the portraits differ.
  • Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose

    In my attempt to become better at portraiture during lockdown, I worked on some important facial features in different mediums.
  • Approaching Portraiture in Lockdown

    Whilst the country went into lockdown, lots of people saw it as the perfect chance to learn something new. I decided it was a great opportunity to challenge myself to get better at portraiture. Here's how I started...
  • How I Fell In Love...

    ...with watercolours!

    I have always loved paint, there’s no denying that, but I wasn’t always so enamoured with watercolours. I’m now doing the majority of my work in watercolours so what on earth happened?

  • We can ALL be artists

    Art, like music, theatre and other creative artforms, can make us cry, make us smile, make us think, change our perceptions, challenge us to look deeper into the piece or ourselves and get people debating the world over. Art can be beautiful, political, terrifying, hilarious and everything in between and I truly believe that everyone, yes even you, can create it.