Acrylics. What's not to love?!

I've created art using many different mediums, from watercolours to fabric paint but, for some reason, I always come back to acrylics. My most recent work, from portraits to murals, have all been using acrylics and here's a few reason why I love them so much, plus some wonderful brands that I recommend...


  • They're beautifully vibrant and come in an array of gorgeous colours, plus they're easily mixed so you literally have every colour at your disposal, even neons! Most acrylics are really nicely pigmented too for a full burst of colour.
  • They're super versatile and you can use them on so many different surfaces from canvas, to walls to fabric. You could even paint your furniture with them. as long as you prep and seal the paint properly.
  • They dry quickly which is great if you're impatient like me and want to work fast. You can build up the layers without having to wait too long for them to dry and you can paint over them easily if you make a mistake.
  • You can get lots of different mediums to mix them with (a couple pictured below) to change their consistency or attributes. Mixed with fabric medium they become more flexible once dry, or mix them with a flow enhancer to make them more of a liquid. The possibilities are endless! 


acrylic mediums


  • They allow you to be really expressive with your mark making, allowing for broad, sweeping brushstrokes, or you can also use them for tiny intricate details, or drips, or splatter, or more. This means that the variety of artworks that you see produced using acrylics is huge and you can work on creating your very own style by just experimenting with them.
  • You can also find them to suit all budgets. Not all acrylics are super expensive and there are plenty of budget options for when you're just starting out.

Read on for a few of the brands I use and recommend...

I absolutely adore Culture Hustle paint. Created by the artist Stuart Semple, for artists, they are richly pigmented and buttery in texture meaning they glide onto your canvas effortlessly. They are on the higher price range and there are only a limited amount of colour to choose from but I haven't found a better yellow, red, orange or pink to work with. You can also get metallic shades, neons and potions and powders to play around with too. Oh and did I mention, they're also scented and smell dvivine!

Culture Hustle happy potion



Daler Rowney system 3 paints are also fabulous quality but a bit more budget friendly. There is such a wide array of colours and sizes to choose from which really helps if you're creating a colourful artwork and want different amounts of each colour. For most of my commissions I tend to use these, alongside my favourite Culture Hustle shades. I'm particularly fond of their Cobalt Blue and Prussian Blue!

Daler Rowney acrylic cobalt blue



Blue Box paint is on the budget end of acrylics and produce sets of 12 or 24 colours to get you started on your acrylic journey. Having 24 colours at your disposal, without having to spend too much, is great for getting to know whether acrylics suit you and, despite their cheaper price tag, they're still great paints! The larger set also comes with a paint palette and brush, so literally everything you need to get started so I would totally recommend them if you're pondering giving acrylics a go.

Blue box paints


Last but not least, I also want to give a little mention to these...


These little bottles of joy are so much fun to play with for drips, splatter or covering large areas with colour. They're highly pigmented and superb quality and you can get sets of them to start you off. You could also add a flow enhancer to acrylics you already have to get a similar effect if you're on a budget but they're definitely worth playing with!

golden high flow acrylics


I hope that has been helpful to you. Do let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any favourite brands that you like to use or favourite colours to work with. I'd especially love to hear if this has encouraged you to give acrylics a try!


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